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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You 

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If you could see one book turned into the perfect movie–one that would capture everything you love, the characters, the look, the feel, the story–what book would you choose?

In March I read the book "FAMILY TREE" by Barbara Delinsky.Barbara Delinsky's  novel, FAMILY TREE, explores and challenges readers with the prickly questions of race, class, pedigree, family heritage and history.

The book opens with Dana and Hugh Clarke in the throes of becoming parents for the first time. Hugh, an attorney, met Dana when he was hiring a decorator for his house. They fell in love and married

Hugh's father is a noted historian and bestselling historical author whose written work has centered on the family genealogy, which can trace itself back to the Mayflower. His newest book is due out shortly and includes members of the Clarke family. All of that history is now challenged over the birth of his grandchild.

Elizabeth Ames Clarke is born healthy and happy, but her skin color is copper; she appears be part African American.

As friends and family come to see the child and hear about the color of her skin, their responses vary. As an attorney Hugh has defended minority clients, and his father is considered a liberal when it comes to race. But Lizzie's skin color upsets Hugh's parents, his brother and uncle. Dana's grandmother and friends, on the other hand, welcome the child with open arms. As "the issue of color raises its hackles," everyone wonders how this could have happened.

When the DNA tests prove that Lizzie is their daughter, the mystery deepens. Dana has never known who her father was. Could all of this be related to her past? As she searches for the answers, she learns who she is --- but the questions about Lizzie remain.

Barbara Delinsky always has given readers a sense of hope in her stories about family --- and this one is no exception. She expertly captures the exhaustion of a woman who has just given birth and those precious days after the delivery when parents begin to care for their baby regardless of circumstance. FAMILY TREE illustrates brilliantly those moments of hope and love that a family feels when a child is born.

Review by Jennifer McCord here

1. What is your show size?
It is a size 8.
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I'm really not sure, I would guess around 20 pairs.
I have 5 or 6 pairs of house slippers.
3. How many do you actually wear regularly?
I wear slippers around the house all the time. To go shopping I wear sneakers, and for dress I have a few heels. With summer just around the corner, you will find me in flip flops almost all the time. They are my favorite shoes. I wear them until the weather gets to cold.


  1. Oh, I loved this book! And, yes, I can see the drama playing out on the big screen. Thanks for sharing....

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  2. This sounds like one that I will read. Thanks for the review!

  3. I've never heard of it but it sounds great!

  4. That book would make a really good movie, although I haven't read it I have read a lot of reviews about it.

    I miss wearing flip flops so much, my kids have teased me about duck taping them to my feet.

  5. I haven't read that book, but it does sound like wonderful maovie material!

  6. Sounds like it would make a good movie.

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  7. I have that book in my TBR and it looks really good.

    I pretty much wear the same type of shoes that you do.

  8. This book sounds really good.

    Living in Southern CA, my favorite shoes are slides. I wear them as often as I can!