Monday, March 21, 2011

Mondays Memes: "Musing Mondays" and Two More.

Musing Mondays (Mar.21)

This week’s musing asks…
What is the last book you bought? Was it for you? for someone else? Have you read it, yet?

The last book I bought was "Family Affair" by Debbie Macomber, I bought it for myself and I read it yesterday. My review is posted below. Some other books I bought last week are:
Three cozy mysteries, "A Deadly Cliche" by Ellery Adams. " Motherhood is Murder" and "Formula for Murder" by Diana Orgain. "Take a Chance on Me" by Jill Mansell, and the last one was "Harvest Moon" by Robyn Carr. These are all new authors I have never read. 

How about you, what was the last book you bought?....


  1. I'm sure you're going to love Jill Mansell and Robyn Carr! Enjoy your new books.

  2. Ann, I'm going to have to break over from the dark side and try these cozy mysteries out. You make them sound so good.

    here's my mm:

  3. just bought it and read and reviewed already? how timely!

  4. I am going to look up those!

    Look forward to read your reviews!

    Here is my Monday: Mailbox/What Are You Reading?/Musings post!

  5. Thanks for these recommendations. I'm going to look these up on our library catalogue. I'm sure you recommended The Friday Night Knitting Group to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    However I'm not buying any more book! Economising and there's no space on my shelves. I'm supporting our public library trying to make sure it stays open.

    I haven't bought an e-book reader as the e-book costs are ridiculous and apparently publishers may be going to limit the e-book life of those borrowed from public libraries. Greedy beggars!

    I do buy books from charity shops and take them back for re-sale but mostly I borrow from the library.

  6. I will check this one out. I like her books. Your blog template is really nice here Ann!

  7. I haven't bought myself a book for a long time. I did, however, buy the book Speak for my daughter recently, and I read it after her.

  8. I just started reading cozies, I'll have to check into the ones you listed.

    You can see my MM HERE