Monday, February 28, 2011

"Musing Mondays" "Monday's Music Moves Me"

This week’s musing asks…
Which do you prefer: Adult -or- Young Adult books? Or, both? Why?

This is an interesting question. At my age I prefer Adult books, I haven't read a YA book since way back, so far back, I can't even remember... I have a granddaugher, 9 years old, who loves to read, I am her book club of the month provider. She loves the Judy Blume books, the Ramona books, by Beverly Cleary, and I have also introduced her to books, by Andrew Clements. I think she has almost all of the Junie B. Books...I keep telling myself I am going to read one of them one of these days before I mail them off to her, but have to many on my own TBR pile to read so never get any of her books read, but, her mother tells me she likes all the books I mail her. She reads them out loud to her mother. I'm beginning to ramble now...

I prefer Adult books. How about you, which do you prefer?

February Wrap-Up:
I think I did pretty good this month. I got a few books read from my TBR pile, Library Pile, and some New books I found this month. Since I don't find much on TV that I enjoy, I read most evenings, and afternoons... ; ) here is my February Wrap-up.

Vet In Harness, by James Herriot**** LB
Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart*****LB
Tall, Dark, and Texan, by Jodi Thomas****TBR
The Blessing, by Jude Deveraux*** Audio TBR
Daddy's Little Helper, by Debbie Macomber**** TBR
Flowers On Main, by Sherryl Woods***TBR
She's Gone Country, by Jane Porter***TBR
True Grit, by Charles Portis****NEW
Jo's Boys, by Louisa May Alcott***TBR
Salting Roses, by Lorelle Marinello***NEW
Harbor Lights, by Sherryl Woods***NEW
And One Last Thing, by Molly Harper***TBR


Monday's Music Moves Me is a fun meme I found over at Xmas Dolly's. Start Rockin' and Roll right over to her blog and find out all the rules...

How could I end the month of LOVE without a lovely love song from ELVIS. Here is one of my favorites... I hope you enjoy it...


  1. You had a great reading month Gigi :)

    As far as reading goes, it depends on what mood I'm in.

  2. I enjoy Christian fiction...I recently read 'The Frontiersman's Daughter' and sang its praises to anyone who would listen. an outstanding novel, both in plot, and historical background, the characters were so real to me. I also am hugely enjoying some of the old 'Lamplighter' 'Teddy's Button' by Any Le Feuvre.....AND...I love good childrens of my favorites is 'Andy Buckram and the Tin man...that may not be the exact title...but close. Thats Gigi for a fun visit to your blog.

  3. I haven't visited your blogs in a while. I spent the morning looking and reading they are all great especially ABC Wednesdays!! Ill be back again someday, SOONER the later..

  4. I think when I was a child I like those books, then as a young adult I loved Nancy and those and now as an adult I want adult books. It's a growing thing I guess.

    Love your MMMM pick!

    Thanks for playing with us today!


  5. I had completely forgotten about Judy Blume. I loved her growing up. I had boys so I didn't get to pass that on to them. I find I like a good mystery over anything. Here's my MM:

  6. Well, there ya go! Spend a lot of time reading do we? I'd say as much time as I listen to music. ~hehe~ I love to read, but it puts me to sleep. Yes, Elvis is a great choice for a long song. Thanks for sharing & playing along with us & hope to see you next week too! Have a great day - already following!

  7. Gigi Ann, I prefer adult books, but once in a while I read a YA book or children's literature, and enjoy it. Great post!

  8. I agree with you. I try YA books every now and then but I really love books for grown ups the best!

  9. The books for your granddaughter are middle grade books though. The new YA books (especially the Fantasy ones) have pretty adult themes for me, that's why I can enjoy them even as an adult.

    Here's my Musing Mondays (Feb 28) post!