Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Book Choices For February"

It's a new month, February 1,2011.
I will be reading three library books the month of February. Two of them are on loan from another library, so really need to get them read. The first one is a book by James Herriot, "Vet In Harness" due on February 7. It was written in 1974, but I don't recall ever reading it. The other one is "Letters of a Woman Homesteader" by Elinore Pruitt Stewart which is due February 15. The first copyright was 1914, and copyright renewed was in 1942. It is a book of true-to-life letters of a woman who took up homesteading in Burnt Fork, Wyoming, in 1909 to prove that a woman could ranch. Elinore Pruitt Stewart revealed herself in these letters written to a former employer.

The third book I borrowed from the library, is "What Cheer" by Zachary Michael Jack and it is due back February 18. And yes, What Cheer is referring to a small town in Iowa, What Cheer, Iowa, so of course I just have to read this book. I was on the library's waiting list, but I guess it got misplaced, because they never called me. Then this week, when I took some books back, I noticed it on the shelf of new releases, I checked it out, and am looking forward to reading it this month. I guess that will about take care of my February reading for now. 

What will you be reading in February, if you choose to read a book this month? 


  1. Gigi Ann, I hope you enjoy your books this month. I have not decided which books I'll read yet, although I'll be starting Half in Love soon.

  2. Your Feb picks sound great and I hope you enjoy them! I am going to try to read some romance in Feb since it's the month of love ;)

  3. Great picks for February, enjoy them! Im trying to finish re-reading Wuthering Heights.