Monday, January 10, 2011

Musing Mondays (Jan.10)

This week’s musing asks…
Where is your favorite place to find new books to read?Blogs? The library? Newspapers? Magazines? In the backs of other books? Suggestions from friends/family? Online bookstores? On the shelves of the local bookstores? (I don’t necessarily mean, ‘where do you find books to buy’ — I mean, ‘where do you discover new titles that you add to your to-be-read lists’?).

My favorite place to find new books to read is... on other book bloggers blogs. If you look to the right you can see many of the bookie blogs I visit each week to read their reviews, memes, etc. If I find something that sounds interesting to me, I than add it to my TBR list. This year my goal is to find as many of the books on my to-be-read list as I can at the library, and while visiting the library, read some that aren't on my TBR list.  I may also read a book or two out of my reading comfort zone, since I won't be buying it.

How about you, where do you discover titles that you add to your TBR lists?


  1. I think it is hard not to get ideas from our book friends since promoting our favorite read is what we do!

    Here's my MM

  2. I agree about checking more books out of the library...I also find review copies and some on Amazon Vine. Any freebies are a good thing, and I'm more likely to go outside my comfort zone when the books are free.

    Here's my Musing:

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  3. I love visiting other blogs just to get reading ideas...but it does lead to a ridiculously long to-be-read list!

    Here's my Musing Mondays post.

  4. I too like checking out the book blogs. Wanna see my Musing on Monday .

  5. Gigi, I find new books to read just about EVERYWHERE, making my TBR stacks into skyscrapers!

  6. I usually find my inspiration for now books to read on other book blogs too. Here's my complete answer to the Musing Mondays.

  7. it's other bloggers for me too.
    if you have similar tastes and they love a book, and it sounds so interesting, how can you say

    but like you, I am trying to use the library more this year than in the past. The TBR piles are getting out of hand. lol