Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Just Another Meme"

While visiting Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes, I noticed this diddly meme, so being bored, I decided to answer the 10 questions. So here goes:

1. Why did you create your blog?
I love to read, therefore, what better reason for creating My Reading Corner. I first started My Reading Corner to talk about the books I read, in time I found all these reading memes I enjoy participating in. Now I am back to where I begin, keeping track of all the books I read, and writing brief reviews to help me remember what the book was about.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow a lot of the Reading blogs, reading their reviews of the books they read, it helps me see what is out there to read, and, if I want to add anymore books to my TBR list. I also found myself interested in poetry, therefore I follow some poetry blogs. My blog "Shadows Of My Mind" is where I post some of my efforts at writing poetry. 

3. Favorite make-up brand?

My favorite make-up brand has to be Mary Kay make-up, that is when I take the time to use make-up. 

4. Favorite clothing brand?

That is an easy one for me, Alfred Dunner brand. I know my size, and I just try it on and it always fits. 

5. Your indispensable make-up product?

I am never without my lip moisturizer. I have them everywhere, and I use them often. I think as we get older our skin gets drier, and Dr. Oz said you can't over use the lip moisturizers, and if Dr. Oz says it's alright, then I guess it is. 

6. Your favorite color?

That goes without saying, I like colors in the aqua, turquoise family, kind of like the color of my blog. 

7. Your perfume?

I like a variety of perfumes. However, my favorite two are: Giorgio Armani's, Acqua Di Gio, and Calvin Klein's, Eternity Summer. 

8. Your favorite film?

Again I have two favorites they are: Sleepless In Seattle, and You've Got Mail. And of course there are others, but I tend to watch these two at least once a year. It amazing what I forget from one year to the next.

9. What country would you like to visit and why? 

I think I would have to choose Paris, France. I have been following  Eric's Paris Daily Photo blog for a few years now, and every May or June they have a picnic on the Seine River where all the daily commenters who can make it spent an evening together eating and talking. Eric always makes a little video for all the rest of us to watch, and get to meet all who were at the picnic, and get to share a little of the fun.

10. Make up the last question and answer it yourself!
I'm not much on thinking to deeply so my question is:
What is your favorite TV Show?

My favorite TV show is Castle. Richard Castle is a famous mystery novelist who is initially called to help the NYPD solve a copy-cat murder based on his novels. Following his encounter with young detective Kate Beckett, Castle decides to use her as the model for the main character of his next book series. He uses his contacts and receives permission to accompany Beckett while investigating cases. While technically a drama series, Castle also features comedy, and romantic tension.

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  1. Ann, this was great! Thanks for participating and by the way, I love Castle too!