Friday, January 7, 2011

"Jane Eyre" Review*****

I was in a classic state of mind, and decided to read Jane Eyre. It is also the first book on my Romance Reading Challenge 2011. What can I say about the book Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is a book about Jane Eyre. It begins when she is 10 years old, living with the Reed family. Mrs. Reed is Jane's aunt, and she has three cousins, Eliza, Georgiana and John. The children treat Jane horrible and her Aunt hates her. Needless to say, Jane is a very unhappy girl.

Jane is send away to the school, Lowood, and for a period of time it was difficult for her there as well. But one of the teachers was kind to Jane, and helped her to struggle on. Moving on, we read about Jane at 18 years old, she is now a teacher at Lowood. 

In time she sought a secure post as a governess and was hired to care for a young French girl, Adele.  In time she meets  Mr. Rochester, she has no idea what a morose and mysterious master he would be. Then there is the taunt of ghostly laughter from a locked attic room, and a consuming challenging love. The novel cast a haunting spell over all who read it in 1847, and it still casts a haunting spell over all who read it  today.

If you have never read Jane Eyre, I highly recommend it. 
I gave it 5*****, because I really loved the book.

This is a book I own, it is part of my own personal library.


  1. I'm sure I read this many years ago. I should really read it again. I bet I'd have a different perspective of it. At the time I originally read it, it would have been for a school assignment and not just for my own enjoyment.

  2. Your book review sparked my interest I will put it on my list.
    The Bennie is reading half broke horses now and the only comment was she had some larceny in her.

  3. I read this book for the first time when I was around 11. It wasn't part of a school assignment for me, so no one made me do it.

    I remember telling a neighbor who watched me for a little while after school one day that I didn't like Mr. Rochester. She gave me this secret smile and didn't say anything. Looking back on it I'm sure she was remembering when she first read the book and didn't want to spoil anything for me.

  4. Nice review! I read this many years ago in school. I've also seen it in movie form a couple of times.