Monday, January 10, 2011

"Don't Blink" Review

I decided to read a book out of my comfort zone. I had only ever read one other book by James Patterson, "Sundays at Tiffany's." I hated that book. 

Don't Brink is a thriller mystery, filled with murder and mayhem. I'm not much of a fan of murder and gore, therefore, I usually don't read thriller mysteries. However, I decided I would read one in 2011.

Don't Blink was fast-paced and took me a day to read.

The story is told through the main character, Nick Daniels, eyes. There are so many people and policemen killed and some are really gruesome. This book started off with a gruesome crime in a restaurant, now if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to be eating as you read that part. I almost didn't read any farther, but, I figured it couldn't get any worse than that...

There is a romance intertwined throughout, which is predictable, between Nick and his editor, Courtney.

Even through it moved right along and I read it in a day, I didn't like the book.

If you are a James Patterson fan, I think you will probably like it. I gave it 2**, because I didn't like it. Why? Because I thought there was way to much blood, guts, and beer, so to speak, for my taste.

                        The book I read belongs to the Library.
                         I never would have bought this book.


  1. I am sorry you didn't like it especially since it was because of me that you read it. However, I am quite proud of you that you came out of your comfort zone, tried it, and even wrote another review. Good for you!!! And I bet you didn't even ask Tony to proof read it...did you fire him? lol

  2. Haha, I can understand that!! Especially if you don't like blood and gore. I would imagine that I'd like this and even though you didn't give it a thumbs up, I might check it out! :) I also hated Sundays at Tiffanys..couldn't even make it through 20 pages.

    But hey! Good for you for stepping out of your normal reads.