Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life-Changing December 23, 2010

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I’ve seen this question floating around the blogosphere a few times the last couple of days, so thought I’d pass it forward.
Which Book Changed Your Life?

I will have to say the book that Changed My Life, was The Bible.  35 years ago I started to study the Bible in-depth, and it truly was a life changing experience. I can say I have become a different person from the one I was before the Bible study. I am still studying the Bible and after all these years I am still learning new things that help me to be a better, kinder, and all around better human being.

However, one book I remember reading that I truly enjoyed reading and had a difficult time putting down until the end, was...."Gone With The Wind." I loved that book. The author was a wonderful storyteller. Did it change my life? No, it just made me enjoy reading that much more.  However, I didn't find the movie nearly as interesting. Movies just can't compete with the book.

Are there any books that have changed your life?


  1. I imagine quite a few people would mention the Bible as a life-changing book. It's certainly a book you can spend a lifetime studying.

  2. The Bible is also my top pick. And I'm a huge Gone with the wind fan, too! Happy Thursday.

  3. I think that any book relating to God has to have an effect on one's life, at least, that is true for me.
    To you and Tony.....Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!!

  4. I haven't actually taken a spin through it but do need to. I'm more spiritual than religious but I suppose I should give it a shot. ;O)

  5. Which book changed your life?

    I would have to say the Harry Potter and Twilight series because they sparked so many conversations with people I know well and people I just met. It's also fun talking with people about the different aspects between the books and the movies.

  6. The book that saved my life and the lives of so many other people around me is entitled:
    Alcoholics Anonymous
    I promise this will be the first and only time I'll comment anonymously on your blog, Ann, and I hope the reason is obvious.

  7. I didn't list the Bible as my number one book because I just kind of consider it as a book apart.. I probably should have listed it because it's definitely had the biggest impact on me, even more so than the books I did list. Go you, posting it! :)

    Here are my life changing books!

  8. @Anonymous, point well taken, and I'm sure you realize the Bible can help us to cope with any and all problems we have. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment and I wish you the best in the future.

    Gigi Ann

  9. Gigi Ann you may like my other blog Bible Questions and Answers, no test just fellowship.

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