Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Best, Worst, Favorite"

Annual Review December 30, 2010

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What’s the best book you read this year?

One of the best books I read this year was "Love In Bloom" by Sheila Roberts.
"Love In Bloom" is about the trials, tears, and triumphs of three very different women as these unfold over the space of one special summer in their community garden. I know it doesn't sound interesting by my description, but it was a great book. (At least in my opinion) If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. 
One of the Worst books I tried to read was, "The Right Attitude to Rain" by Alexander McCall Smith. I have nothing to say about this book, except, it bored me to the point that I never finished reading it, just skimmed to the end to see what happened to the main characters. Sorry Mr. McCall Smith.
The Favorite book I read was "Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart" by Beth Pattillo.
Since I am a Jane Austen fan, I loved this book. It was just a fun and enjoyable book to read. That is if you are a Jane Austen fan.
There were a few other books that could fall in the list of likes and dislikes, but we were asked to name just one of each.

How about you, can you remember the books you read this year that were, best, worst and favorite?


  1. I've been dying to read a Sheila Roberts book. I really have to get around to finally doing that.

    I read one of Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and I didn't like that one.

    I loved the Beth Pattillo book. That was so good.

  2. I love Jane Austen, so I'll have to look for the Beth Pattillo book.

  3. I found it difficult to choose best of the best. Worst of the worst was easier. My Booking Through Thursday.

  4. Love In Bloom sounds like a book I would enjoy. Putting it on my tbr bucket list. Thank you for the review.
    Hoping you and Tony have a very Healthy and Happy New Year!!

  5. I have heard of the last one but not read it. It looks and sounds intriguing, and the first one looks good, too.

  6. Best: The Trophy Bride's Tale by Cyrilla Barr

    Worst: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

    Favorite: Everyone Loves Elwood by Karen Quigley