Friday, November 19, 2010


Photo by gigi ann. Winter 2009-10

The last two weeks I haven't been doing much reading. Why? Because I have been flurrying around trying to get the apartment a bit more organized and de-cluttered. I call it Winterizing, before winter arrives in all it's flurry. After that my flurrying days are over until April or May.

I started with the kitchen and the bathroom first, than I moved on to my DOMAIN (the bedroom). I boxed up a lot of books and moved them to the garage to store them. I am so happy, because now I have all my books organized and can find what I want to read. The dust cloth did it's job, and I moved on to the living room. 

Now the living room is Tony's DOMAIN, (a territory over which dominion is exercised). However, after he saw how much better my DOMAIN looked he agreed to help me clean out his little corner and clean it. And believe me it was long overdue. Most of the time he won't let me do anything in his DOMAIN, but, LO AND BEHOLD, he told me I could clean his corner. After I discussed the fact that he would have to help, because I didn't know what could be thrown away, he agreed that he would help. He turned on the Hawkeye football game.  I organized us, and it took the better part of Saturday afternoon, but we got it accomplished. 

Today I moved Miss Molly into my DOMAIN for the winter. I hope she adjusts. She spends most of her time in here with me anyway. Therefore, I moved her food dish, water bowl, and litter box in here also. 

And now the kitchen and bathroom need attention again! 


  1. Good for you. I had plans to do that too, knowing that both boys would have been moved out, but due to the surgical complications, can't :(

  2. I hate to get started but when we do it makes me happy to see how nice things look.

  3. Good for you for prepping because man that looks cold! It doesn't snow here in SF but that snow does make for good reading weather!

  4. We only need to do a bit of winterizing here in Southern CA. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  5. sounds like you got alot of winterizing done. good for you ;)

  6. I did some cleaning not long ago also. I think the only way my house would ever really be clean is if I had hired help. I just can't keep up with it anymore. I am starting to settle into accepting the winter months ahead of us. I think....ha