Monday, November 8, 2010

"Musing Mondays" November 8, 2010

Today’s musing is a sort of “read and respond”…
A blog I frequent suggested I check out several articles of interest… one of them which happened to be this one: “Trendspotting: Readers’ Spending On Books“. So — being the avid reader & book junkie that I am — I couldn’t help but click over and read the short piece about readers’ current spending habits.
My questions for today are ones that are asked at the end of this particular article: What are  your responses to this report? Does it match with what you –as a reader– have observed? With your own buying habits? When was the last time you bought a book? What did you buy and why?

I was surprised that the hard back books were where the publishers made their money. I usually only buy hard back books at the Half-Priced bookstore, and I try to find them on the clearance shelves for $2.00. If I buy a hard back books in Barnes and Noble, I go to the clearance table and buy them for $3.98-$6.98. 

I am not an e-reader, nor will I be one soon, or probably never in my lifetime, unless Barnes and Noble closes their doors. I don't shop online for my books, I buy a book at my two bookstores mentioned, and at Wal-mart, and Sam's Club. 

This month I have bought 10 new books. I bought 5 books for my 8 year old Granddaughter, she loves to read. Here goes her list: Ramona's World, Ramona the Brave, by Beverly Cleary, Superfudge and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by, Judy Blume, The Report Card, by Andrew Clements.  

Now my list of books: Cleo, The Cat Who Mended a Family, by Helen Brown, I'm a sucker for pet stories, Friends and Lovers, by Barbara Delinsky, I love Barbara's storytelling, The Threadbare Heart, by Jennie Nash, because it was bargain priced at Barnes and Noble for $3.99, Jane Austen Ruined My Life, by Beth Pattillo, I love her twist on the Jane Austen books, and I am a Jane Austen fan, Somewhere Along the Way, by Jodi Thomas, I read the first book in this series and really liked it, so on November the 2nd, the second book was released, so I just had to have it to read. That is only the books I've bought this month. In October I attended a Library book sale, and bought 8 books, and a few others at Barnes and Noble. Which happens to be my favorite bookstore. 

How about you what were you last book purchases?


  1. I knew that the money was in HC, but find them to be to expensive especially if it is a fast read. But like you, I go to the clearance rack first or to the resale book shop.

  2. I made myself a promise to stop buying books other than from charity shops and to use the local library more. So far I've just about managed it!

    I do miss the browsing through the bookshops but we have no more space at home! Anyway I recycle my books again back to the charity shops so I get to feel better about that rather than guilty about my spending! Also more chance of our library services being maintained if we use them more.

  3. The clearance shelves are definitely a good place to find cheap hard covers and one of the only times I'll actually buy a hard covered book. I do most of my shopping online now. I'm cheaper and more convenient for me as the nearest book store is a 40 minute drive. I haven't read an eBook yet but I can see them in my future sometime soon.

    You can check out my complete answer here.

  4. Thanks for stopping by : me, myself and I buy way to many books.

  5. Enjoy your new books! My latest book purchases were actually gifts for others. :)

  6. I admit I am all about the on-line buying. You can not beat the selection..or the price.

  7. I tend to shop online for new books, library sales for older books. I rarely go to retail stores and don't have an e-reader. I'll buy an occasional book at my local indie store, especially when they have an author event and I can get it signed.