Monday, November 22, 2010

"Musing Mondays" November 22, 2010

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS question: What truths do you remember learning in fiction?

Since I read fiction for fun, recreation, and entertainment, and have been reading for many years, it is difficult to pinpoint a few truths I've learned from fiction.  

The truth of the matter is, I guess I could say I've learned to be more expressive in my thoughts and opinions, and I'm sure I learned that from reading, and especially in reading poetry. 

Poetry makes me think a bit deeper then just answering a question. When I try to compose a poem, I think some of my true thoughts and feelings  shine through, kind of a little "shadow of my mind." Even though I am new at the poetry game, I am finding it fun to try and compose a poem that makes sense, and maybe someone else will enjoy. 

How about you, What truths do you remember learning in fiction?


  1. I hate to admit it...but I really do not enjoy poetry. I always think that I should...but don't.

  2. I enjoy poetry...don't know if I actually learn anything from them, but I like them. Here is my answer for Musing for Monday.

  3. Fiction is full of "truths". I think it's often easier to reveal truth in fiction.

  4. I hasn't thought about answering this question with regards to poetry but what you said is very true! Feel free to check out my answer here.