Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Fall Into Reading 2010"

Once you begin a book, do you feel compelled to finish it? Or have you been known to give up in the middle of a book, to walk away from a book that is just too annoying, boring, etc.?

Once I start to read a book, I don't feel compelled to finish it.  I go by the rule that if the book is to boring, and the story line is not moving along after 75-100 pages, I usually never finish it. 

Another reason I never finish a book is if a book gets to smutty or has a lot of indecent language in it, I will not only never finish the book, I will throw it in the garbage, never to be seen again! I always feel if an author can't write a story without the unnecessary filler, I don't need to fill my head with it. As I've said before I don't use indecent language, so why would I set and read a book full of it. 

How about you? Do you always finish what you start when it comes to reading? Or have you decided that life’s too short to read books you don’t love?
Bonus Question: We have less than one month left in Fall Into Reading 2010! Can you believe it? If you’d like to share…how are you doing? Are you on track with your goals? Will the upcoming holidays derail your reading plans?
As far as my Fall Into Reading 2010 challenge,  I think I am right on track. I have 3 more books to read after I finish the current book I'm reading "Up Close and Personal."  I think the only thing that would derail my reading plan, would be sickness or company. Otherwise, I think I will complete the challenge. 


  1. MadySon is beautiful...I bet she is the apple of your eye.

    I do the same thing 50-100 pages, and if I am not pulled in, it goes into the DNF pile.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I always feel compelled to finish a read, but if it's really bad I wont force myself. I dont like bad language or nasty reads either.