Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Fall Into Reading 2010"

Katrina at Callapidder Days is the host for "Fall Into Reading 2010". Today she asks the question:

How did you get into reading? When and how/why did you really become "a reader"?

I think I have always loved reading ever since I learned how to figure out words, from the first grade on. I was fascinated and amazed the first time my brain connected with the word process, and how the words made sentences, since the days of "See Spot run..."

How and why did I really become "a reader"?
This was an easy question for me, but, it takes me back 57 years. I was probably 13 years old when I read this book. Once a week we would visit the school library and check out a book for reading that week. We always got to choose our own book each week. That week I checked out a book entitled "Hot Rod" (no it wasn't anything to do with Rod Steward, the singer).  I don't really remember much about the story line of the book, other than it was about teen-agers and their Hot Rod car. Anyway, I remember I loved that book. Therefore, it was the first book that really made me love reading. However, I dare not forget Cinderella, I am a sucker for any Cinderella story, and that goes back even farther than Hot Rod.  However, it was from the book Hot Rod, that I was hooked on reading.

How about you, can you remember how you got into reading? 

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  1. Your answer allowed me to picture my elementary school library that I had forgotten about. The Public Library was right next door to the school and I would stop by, after school was dismissed, at least 2-3 times a week.