Saturday, October 23, 2010

"My Mirror and Me"

My Mirror and Me 
Mirror, mirror on the wall
You're not playing fair at all
I'm really now upset with you
For giving your distorted view 
You show my hair is turning gray
It's just the way the shadows play
I know that you're not hanging straight
To make me look so over weight 

The way you show a double chin
Is just the way the light comes in
I think I'm fine, but you're so wise
To put such accent on my thighs.

I wish you'd try to be my friend
And tell me I'm a little thin
Just tell me I look good in jeans
And frilly shirts and pretty things.

Please don't let the wrinkles show
I'd like to have a pretty glow
I see you won't respond at all
So I'll just tear you off the wall.
Yolanda Cohen ~ 


  1. Nice poetry!

    P.S. Yellowstone and the Grand Teton is worth the drive.

  2. haha, I have so many of those car mirror poem.

  3. I just read your side bar. So this is the blog I should come to now ...nice having it all in one place. I should do that sometime.

  4. your words are so well defined.
    beautiful imagery.

    two awards for you,
    invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

  6. I also like your new format and the poem. Finally a poem I can follow easily. You had so many blogs going before, I wasn't sure which one to follow.