Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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When I was a young girl, I strolled in the woods,
and ate wild berries, boy were they good.

But, now that I'm older, I set in my chair and
stroll down the path of memories so fair.

I remember running through the pines
all covered with snow, they were so beautiful.

Oh! where did the time go?

There was sledding and dances, school fairs to attend,
also roller skating, and fun with my friends.

Then I was married and a mother of five.
How those little ones kept me active and alive.

Oh my! where did the time go?

I remember the smell of the babies so dear.
The sweet little sounds that came to my ears.

But now they are grown and have babes of their own.
And made me a Gramma, so grand and so great !!

Oh, dear me! where did the time go?

Time comes and time goes, but my memories remain.
Bringing me pleasure, as I stroll down memories lane.

It's always a delight to be back in my chair and
stroll down the path of memories so fair.

And wonder again as I look at the snow,
where oh where did the time go?

(Gigi Ann  2/13/2008)


  1. Your flowing rhyme works well to bring the memories to life. Very Nice One Shot! thank you

  2. I was drawn here immediately by your comment on One Shot: "I am not a poet by any means."

    I'm not either. But sometimes, the muse hiding within speaks despite that. I like your piece a lot, and totally relate. It's clear that you have that muse somewhere inside too. I encourage you to come back with a new piece. You will surprise yourself, and you'll find this wonderful group of people very supportive.

  3. such a beautiful poem - full of warm memories. i felt like walking the way with you while reading this..i wholeheartedly enjoyed the read!

  4. nice. love the feel of this and i sometimes wonder where the time goes as well...and as nice as the memories are i think i would rather the time to make more...nice one shot!

  5. Beautiful!!! And so true!! Everytime I look at my sons, I wonder where did the time go? So beautiful and meaningful.

  6. Such lovely evocation of the passage of time that we all feel!

  7. Time went where it always goes; into the valley of yesterdays.

    A warm and thoughtful One Shot, Gamma Ann!

  8. As an elder citizen myself, your poem hits home for me. Time does fly. I often catch myself going back to yesteryear. When I was a kid, when my kids were kids.

    Excellent description of memories and time.

  9. Thanks to each of you for your encouragement and nice comments.

  10. A very beautiful one. Time goes by.. It's only a media for us to move on- upon!!

  11. A very nice poem of memories gone by, I just loved it. It is nice to have memories, they are like reading a good book over and over again. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. A beautiful poem that reminds us all why life is worth living!

  13. A lovely trip down your Memory Lane, Ann. You've had a pretty happy life, I believe.

    I also love your "golden haiku"!