Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"M" Is For...." ABC Wednesday

                            Mama's Mirror

Mirrored softly in image true,
a sight of sights behold ~
timely one now held within
your frame of faded gold.

I stared into the oval mirror,
in awe of what I found.
Where did the little child now hide,
within Mama's dressing gown?

Scented in sweet day's delight
a child no more than ten ~ 
so tiny in her mama's clothes,
worn time and time again.

Cheeks ablush with pinkened kiss,
twirling for mama's bright eyes ~
neither minding, with love and laughter
that the clothes were not my size.

High-heeled shoes clicked 'round and 'round,
dancing rhythm to my giggling glee.
Mama smiled at those silly antics.
How her smile did comfort me.

Years went by ~ oh, how they flew!
Yet, the mirror it stayed with time.
Standing there to share the laughter
In Mama's life, and mine.

Now as I stare in silvered awe,
upon reflection true,
so grown and aged ~ within the mirror,
Mama's eyes I see there, too.

Stepping nearer the mirror's view
I see my mama's smile.
Laughing ~ softly saying ~
yes, you are your mother's child.

by Hazelmarie Elliott

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  1. What a delightful post for the M Day! Love the poem and the picture is perfect! Hope you're enjoying a lovely week!


  2. Thank you for sharing this poem! The message is something we of a certain age can truly understand. :)

  3. I love this poem and the photo too! It's so nostalgic! Thanks!

  4. I love this piece of poetry! It's superb!

  5. A touching memory and the picture to bring it alive.

  6. A lovely poem that says so much about life.

  7. Avery nice poem about the way life goes by so fast. Have a nice week.

  8. Beautiful poem and illustration. Perfect for the letter M.

  9. poem goes well w the Rockwell.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. A wonderful picture is painted by that poem. Thanks for sahring it, and for coming by my blog!

  11. I agree with Roger - perfect image for the poem. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my "m" post!

  12. I've always loved that Norman Rockwell picture! :D

  13. It's a lovely poem, thanks for introducing this poet, I liked a lot!

  14. A very sweet poem - and a little sad, too, for I never did that. I don't know why ... except I was a bit of a tomboy, having brothers and no sisters!

  15. What a lovely post and it speaks truth.

  16. This is a beautiful poem with a wonderful storyline. Your ability to intertwine the rhyming and the message is great.

    Can I suggest a poetry site for you to add this.


  17. Lovely illustration and poem, marvelous choices for M!!
    M is for me...

  18. Such a beautiful post for "M"!

    Erika B