Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"L" Is For Lizard" ABC Wednesday

Frilled Lizard Cool Facts

When the lizard is startled it spreads ruff, opens mouth wide, hisses, and flicks tail from side to side.

The Australian Frilled Lizard usually keeps its ruff down on its neck except when threatened or during courtship.

The lizard usually runs on its hind legs.

The likeness of the lizard is on Australia's 2 cent coin.

Footprints left by their back feet show their three middle toes.

There teeth are fixed to the surface of their jaw like human teeth.

These lizards are often kept as pets.

           "L" is for Limousine, or Texas Limo.

                                                 "L" is for Love.

My Lovely Great-Grandchildren Evan and Mady

Lovely Granddaughter and Grandson-in-law, parents of Evan and Mady.
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  1. Such beautiful images. Love love love them.... your love images especially...

    L is for longing.

  2. wow, that lizard is freaky!
    great shot of the kids

  3. Lovely photos, especially of the GREAT grandchildren. :)

  4. Great L's. I have a son Evan. great name.

  5. Love the lizard. Or should be a Thrilled Lizard?!

  6. Love all your L pictures... Got a laugh from the horse.... and oh my that lizard really knows how to put on the "frills".

  7. that lizard is surprisingly scary.

    good post.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. LOL! I love the TX limo! Well, the lizard too, but the limo is unique!

  9. Wow this Lizard is terrific ! Looks like a mini dinosaur, lol !

  10. The lizard looks absolutely terrifying! My girls would love it though. They are really in to dinosaurs and stuff like that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Erika B

  11. I laughed at the Texas limo! The photos I most enjoyed were of your lovely grand and great grand family.

  12. Love your choices for L. Congrats on your lovely family members!


  13. L is for Love. for Laughs at the Texas Limo, and for Lizard Lore. Love them all!

  14. Lizards in FL used to scare me when they got all puffed up like that.

    I love that Texas limo! And who doesn't love children and love itself?

  15. Interesting facts about the lizard. And the limo caught my attention.
    Nice photographs of the loved ones. Nice L post :)