Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010 Update

This week October 12, 2010's question is:

 Do you eat/drink while reading? If so, do you have some favorite reading snacks?

I don't eat while I read, but I always have a bottle of water handy to sip while I read. Other then that, I have my nose in the book, drinking in the story.

Just an update to myself  on my "Fall Into Reading 2010" challenge. I'm moving right along with the challenge. Out of the eleven books I've selected to read I have finished the following seven:

1. Katie, Up and Down...Hall (9/20--9/24)
2. Fragile (9/24--9/26)
3. Murder, She Wrote (9/30--10/3)
4. Shop On Blossom Street (10/4--10/6)
5. A Good Yarn (10/6--10/9)
6. Summer On Blossom Street (10/9--10/11)
7. Eggs Benedict Arnold (10/11--10/15)
I have four more to read until December 20, to complete my reading challenge. they are:
8. On Mystic Lake (10/15--
9. One Season Of Sunshine
10. Fireside
11. The Right Attitude to Rain
All in all I think I am doing pretty good with my challenge, so if nothing happens to interfere with my reading, I should be able to complete my challenge. 


  1. You are doing really well! Keep reading! :)

  2. My that's progress. I'm waiting 'til the bad weather comes along.