Friday, August 6, 2010

"Knit, Purl, Die" Review

The Black Sheep Knitters are five colorful characters. The knitting group of five friends in all---normally meet on Thursday night at one another's homes.

Gloria Sterling had just jumped into the rotation. However, she wasn't an official member of their circle.  Gloria had it all, money, looks, and a new young husband (her fourth). So when she was found floating face down in her own swimming pool, all her Black Sheep Knitting friends were devastated to lose their dear friend.

The police were quick to call it an accident, but there were to many loose ends to satisfy The Black Sheep friends.  The Black Sheep Knitters need to know the truth and set out to unravel---stitch-by-stitch---the many secrets that led to Gloria's mysterious drowning. They aren't buying that her death was an accident.

I enjoyed this cozy mystery, needless to say it didn't have very many twists and turns. I actually figured out who 'done it' long before the end, even though I wasn't for sure, I am always glad when I catch the clue, and it turns out to be right. 

All-in-all I give this book 4 stars out of 5. It was a nice light read, just what I needed this week. Why? Because it seemed every time I picked up this book, in a few minutes I was interrupted by company, the phone, or something---it was just one of those weeks, and yes it took me a week to get this book read. I hate when that happens. I guess because I'm retired everyone thinks I have nothing to do, but I do, I need to get to my reading... ; )

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  1. I enjoyed reading your review, and I'm glad you enjoyed this one. The cover is terrific!