Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Booking Through Thursday"

First Time August 5, 2010

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What is the first book you remember reading? What about the first that made you really love reading?

This was an easy question for me, but, it takes me back 57 years. I was probably 13 years old when I read this book. Once a week we would visit the school library and check out a book for reading that week. We always got to choose our own book each week. That week I checked out a book entitled "Hot Rod" (no it wasn't anything to do with Rod Steward, the singer).  I don't really remember much about the story line of the book, other than it was about teen-agers and their Hot Rod car. Anyway, I remember I loved that book. Therefore, it was the first book that really made me love reading. However, I dare not forget Cinderella, I am a sucker for any Cinderella story, and that goes back even farther than Hot Rod.  However, it was from the book Hot Rod, that I was hooked on reading.

How about you, can you remember the first book you enjoyed reading. 


  1. Wasn't this a great question? My first thought was oh no...I can't remember that far back, but once I started thinking, it brought back some great memories. I don't remember reading Hot Rod as a child but it must have been a good one if that was the one that hooked you into reading.

  2. I don't remember my first time. However, several books influenced my joy of reading. Here's mine.

  3. I used to read out Cindrella to my niece every night for two years!

    I can’t recall my first book but I do recall that, I was hooked on Enid Blyton. She, in a way, has influenced my interest in Crime fiction.

    Then I used to devour the Nancy Drew books along with Hardy Boys. However, but those came much later.

    Here is my BTT: First Time post!

  4. Yes, I always loved Cinderella, too! Even the Disney comic book versions. It's a wonderful story.

    Here's my answer.

  5. I can't remember the first book I read so I asked my 9 yr old son...he couldn't remember his first book either:) As a young teen I really enjoyed the Victoria Holt series of mystery books. They helped me to become a good reader.

    More recently, I've been reading a self-help book called "27 Powers of Persuasion" by author Chris St. Hilaire. I'm finding myself much more aware of what's happening in my conversations with others. It has really opened my eyes! My copy is a pre-released will be available in Sept. I continue to learn new things every day!

  6. Never heard off Hot Rod, but it sounds like it was definitely the book for you at that point in your life!

  7. How wonderful that you remember Hot Rod as your first book. I'm not sure if I remember my very first book. I had some picture books that I loved, by Dick Bruno; it may have been one of those.

  8. Oh man, I am going to have to look up this Hot Rod book! I loved Cinderella too!

  9. Gosh, I don't remember the first book I read, but I remember the first hardcover book I received as a gift. It was Alice in Wonderland, from my paternal grandma, who also loved to read. It arrived in the mail for either Xmas or my birthday. (they're only about 2 weeks apart!) I couldn't have been anymore than 7 years old, so it was too old for me at the time, but I cherished it and felt so grown up. I've loved to read all my life. I'm sory if I'm going on and on, and not even answering your question properly!