Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Thursdays Musings"

I realize this is suppose to be "Mondays Musings" but, I am four days late. It is a cute little meme hosted by Should Be Reading each Monday. This week the question was:

Where is your most often used (favorite) reading corner? Do you have more than one? What makes your favorite reading corner just that?
Share pictures if you have them! :D

This is my most often used (favorite) reading corner. And this is especially true in the winter.  I call this "My Reading Corner" because it is located in a corner of my bedroom. I can come here,  close the door, and enjoy my peace and quiet. Or if I like, I can listen to a book on CD in "My Reading Corner." I can also watch TV,  if I so choose too,  in "My Reading Corner" as well.

However, in the summer my most used (favorite) reading corner, is here on my little enclosed front porch.  I spend many hours reading, watching the comings and goings of my neighbors,  some of my neighbors even stop by,  set a spell,  visit for a few minutes, or an hour or two, and be on their way. I can also listen to the radio, or a book on CD,  or just take a snooze in my comforty little Lazyboy.

As you can see, if you look closely at both pictures,  you will notice I am a clutter-bug.  Just click on the pictures and enlarge them, if you dare, and you will notice that messy quality about me.  I like everything at my finger tips. 

Where is your favorite reading corner?

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  1. Your enclosed front porch sounds a lot like heaven!

    I'm a clutter-bug as well. But I think my husband is worse than the two of us put together. Whenever I think it's time to throw out something major, I have to prime him for a while beforehand. LOL

    I've been wondering what happened to you. A month or so ago you put all your blogs on private. I thought maybe you had decided to pull back and blog less. So I took down the link for this blog from my blog. This is my favorite of your blogs! Were you just taking time to redecorate? I know how that goes. Can I put your blog link back on mine?