Friday, June 11, 2010

I like sandals too.

Well, here are my finds for this summer. I picked them up here and there. Two pair when I was down visiting Jill, I got a pair from Avon, actually two pair from Avon and one pair from Bon-Ton.
Like you I can't seem to find a purse I like either so I settled for this one that I also got from Avon.
Oh, and little Marshmellow wants to perform so I let him. He is not learning how to use his litter pan to quick. URGH Mercedez says he is a baby give him some time he will learn. :( I don't have time for that.
TTYL Love you and good night.

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  1. ROFL...Aren't we a couple of swells. I like your footwear, very cute, even the blue pair. And Marshmellow is so cute too, I hope he soon learns what the litterbox is for. I agree with Mercedez, give him some time, but, keep putting him in it as well, and hope he figures it out soon. hehe

    We are experiencing a thunder storm right now, it started at 4:47 am this morning, so having nothing else to do, I checked our blogs. TTDN