Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Carbs And Sugar"

Carbs And Sugar

With no carbs and no sugar
What is left to eat?
They've taken all my bread away
And everything luscious and  sweet.

Eat plenty of meat, all you want
And lots of eggs and  cheese
Then in parentheses they add
(But no macaroni please)

No soda pop unless it's diet
Buttered pop corn is taboo
Potato chips (which I love)
Is off the menu too.

Bacon and eggs seem just fine
With coffee brewed real hot
Toast or biscuit may I have?
Well no, I guess that I cannot.

White potatoes off the menu
Please! Give me a little break!
For what goes better with my steak
Than a potato I have baked.

A little butter, now that's ok.
For I really love the yellow fluff
But with no rolls, no bread or pancakes
Where do I spread the stuff?

I've read so many diet books
That contradict each other
So I have decided that at my age
I really shouldn't bother.

So if you think when you see me
That I've grown a little fat
It's the macaroni with the cheese
Cause I like it...and... that is that!

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~

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