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Long And Short Of It June 3, 2010

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Which do you prefer? Short stories? Or full-length novels?

Which do I refer, it depends the mood I'm in, and also what I will be doing that day. Example: If I am setting around the house, (which is most of my life now.) I prefer a full-length novel. However, if I have doctor appointments, I prefer Short stories.  I have three that I choose from.

 The first book is entitled, "The Book of Useless Information" And that is exactly what it is. Thousands of things you didn't think you needed to know... and probably don't. But, fun to read when setting and waiting for your turn to see the doctor.

The second book of short stories I like to take with me when I'm  waiting, is "Agatha Christie's, 'The Tuesday Club Murders.'" It consists of 13 short stories...notice only 13.... Spooky.

The third book I like to carry with me when waiting is.... "Bad Dogs Have More Fun" This book is an unforgettable collection of more than seventy-five newspaper articles from The Philadelphia Inquirer written by former columnist John Grogan. Remember John Grogan was the author of "Marley and Me." 

So there you know which I prefer and when. So now: Which do you prefer...Short Stories? or Full-length Novels?


  1. Marley and Me is so good. Thanks for the recommend! I like full length novels more than short stories. Right now I am enjoying a new one out by Laurence Brown called, "The Eighth Scroll." It's very riveting and the characters are written in a way that's very real. You should check it out!

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