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Do you read book reviews? Do you let them change your mind about reading/not reading a particular book?

Yes I do read book reviews, especially, if it is a book I think I may be interested in. And, yes, I will change my mind about reading a particular book, if the reviews are not favorable, or if it is a paranormal, has vampires, or sci-fi, gore and blood books. Those books are just not my kind of reading. I like cozy comforty books.

Also, sometimes after I read a book I will look for reviews of that particular book to see if my views were wrong, or if others thought the book was boring also.

Occasionally, I will write a little review about a book I have read, but just for my own entertainment, to help me remember if I liked or disliked a certain book. However, I would never want anyone to decide after reading one of my reviews to not read a book. We all have different tastes in our reading styles. I have noticed that books many like I have very much disliked. So go figure.


  1. Sometimes they change my mind, but not always.

    Here's my Booking Through Thursday!

  2. I agree. But I would have to throw in suspense/mystery, contemporary chick lit and romance if it also has a bit of suspense. YA, paranormal and that whole genre is not for me. So I skip those reviews.
    Will be posting a giveaway later today..stop by in case you are interested.
    Cheryl "Mash"

  3. Great answer. I definitely think reviews can change opinions. My answer is at The Crowded Leaf.

  4. High 5!

    I love cozy happy books!The kinds which could make me feel light and happy. :)

    And yeah,I read reviews on books I've read to see if my thoughts are different. I normally write reviews to remember the book too!!! =)

  5. Excellent answer.

    Book reviews definitely influence which books I choose to read, but they don't determine them.

  6. For cozy mysteries (for some reason, I have to admit I simply do not care for that description, I have to say) have you found the "Death on Demand" books by Carolyn Hart? I started listening to them several months ago and have really enjoyed them. I'm now reading the most recent one -- apparently that one won't come out in audiobook form until NEXT year and I just can't wait that long!

    How about a thriller that's suspenseful, that keeps you guessing? You might well enjoy "Rogues, Riches and Retribution" by Harry Taylor. It does include the Mafia, and revenge, but also has double dealing, and set ups, and a love story to boot. It's somehow different from your normal run-of-the mill murder mysteries, with characters you can relate to and associate with.

  7. I enjoy reading reviews to see if I agree or not also.

    Here is mine.

  8. Good reply! I'm following you. =) My book home is at Ruz's Bookshelves

  9. I read reviews, but I don't really let them influence my reading choices. As you said, we all have different tastes.

  10. I do read reviews, and even if the review isnt so great, I like to read the book and find out for myself.