Monday, May 24, 2010

"The Visit Too....Hell"

This morning I have my six month visit to "Hell" I get to go to the Dentist, or I should say the Dental Hygienist. I will be getting my teeth cleaned. I have one that is very sensitive, so am going to tell her not to touch it, but x-ray it and see if they can see what is going on with it. Will give you an update later. Tony is having me cancel his appointment this morning, because last week he sunburned his lip and it is to sore. I told him I am still going to reschedule it.

UPDATE:  I told her the tooth was sensitive, and I think it needed x-rayed, and than  maybe they would be able to see what was going on with it. As if I didn't know that something was wrong with it... She said: "I will wait and see if the dentist tells me  to x-ray it." Well, wouldn't you know it.. The Dentist told her to x-ray it!!!  After he looked at it, she came back and showed it to me, and if I understood her correctly, it shows that the bone is deteriorating, so I was to make an appointment with the Dentist so he can check it out and figure out what to do with it, and if there is any way to save it.  That will be on June 17. I told them if it starts to ache before that I will be in and choke him, and if not me Tony will, because he is the one who will get tired of listening to me complaining.  I guess I must be getting my smart mouth from Jill. Hahahaha... She doesn't read this so she won't know I said that. 

P.P.S.. On Tuesday June 15, the dentist office called and asked if I could come in at 3:o'clock that day, instead of Thursday, June 17. I went in and the dentist and I discussed the tooth and arrived at a decision, it needed to be pulled. It is out, and now just waiting for it to heal and get the bridge fitted, and all will be done and over with. I go back on Monday, July 26, to get the bridge work done.


  1. Potty fingers, I hope everything works out good for you two.


  2. ROFLMAOPMP Jill does to read these she chooses not to comment, so be careful!

    I hope you get your mouth in order soon for everyones sake!!! (The dentist, Daddy, Jill, and YOU)

    I love you all,

  3. Don't be shy, Jill, come on, bring it on...ROFLMAO....