Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is better.

These pictures are much better aren't they? Please tell me yes!

Can you see my cyst in the one picture, Shelly is certified in those things now, and she looked at it one day when I was at Jill's, she told me I should probably have it removed, so off to the Doctor I go.

I have a new bathing suit for this year maybe someday I will take a picture of that for you, and then again maybe not, we'll see.

I am going to take a bath now and go to bed, did I tell you by throat hurts bad? I took some meds. they just need to start working.

I'm keeping this outfit, but getting rid of the pink one. What do you think?


  1. Yes, I saw you little cyst. You look very nice in the pictures. You need to take one in your new bathing suit, so we can compare the two pictures. hehe

  2. Ok maybe today Vern likes me in my bathing suit, or should I say he wants me to take it off quickly BAHAHAHA

  3. Oh no, not Vern too, he is just like all men. They never want the wrapping, they want what's in the wrapping.