Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"My Reading Schedule for Today"

Today, I thought I would do some reading of my June 2010 Awake. It's the one about Stress, which none of us have. hehe, right!  If I get it read and I can still stay awake, (I have trouble reading some afternoons, because I get so sleepy. Sometimes I just lay back in my Lazyboy and take a 15 minute snoozer.)  I will start reading the June 15, 2010 W/T. It is the Study issue. 

Today, 9:15 CST,  Joey has to go to the Vet to get a lump on his tummy checked, and see if the Vet knows what it is. Probably nothing, but Tony made the appointment last week one day to have it looked at. (He likes his dog!)  Best gift I ever got him, and I actually got Joey for me. I begged for almost a month, before Tony said yes, go call and see if they still have any dogs for sell. I had to pay $250 for Joey, but when we were picking him up, Tony decided to help me out and payed half for him, so we each paid $125 for Joey. I said the front half is mine. hee, hee. And guess where the lump is? In the back half. hahaha, Tony's half!!!

9:50 CST... Tony just got home with the results of Joey's visit to the Vet. It seems Joey has a lump in his right groin area 3/4 inch solid-under skin. If the lump starts growing - need to remove it. He didn't know what it was, or what caused it. So all in all Joey is fine. Just thought you may want to know that! heh heh...


  1. Poor Joey, I hope it doesn't grow for everyones sake.

    Nula my cat had kittens and won't bring them in for me to see ;( I guess I will have to follow her and go find them some day. They are about 6 weeks old now.

    I will never have another dog..but I like my cats..:)

  2. Cats can pretty much take care of themselves. Whereas dogs need a lot of attention. They are just like living with a 2 year old, although Joey is now an old 4 year old. He understands so much, it scares me. And he knows how to get to me to get a treat. But, he is such a good doggy. He is two years older then Mercedez. He was born April 27, 2000.