Friday, May 21, 2010

My Day In Pictures...

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.
As you probably know, we went to Cedar Rapids today. For my amusement I took these pictures of school buses. I thought maybe you would enjoy looking at Iowa School Buses today.

This is the one we were following pulling into the School Bus Parking Area.
Below, are a few of the buses parked in the School Bus Parking Area.

Below are more Buses parked in the School Bus Area. We figured there are around 100 to 150 buses that park in that Parking Lot. We see them each time we go that way to Cedar Rapids.

The bus below was going in the opposite direction, I guess headed for the School Bus Parking Lot.

The pictures above were taken on our way home. 

Before that I visited Barnes and Noble. Below are my Friday Finds.

Below are my Friday Finds. While I waited for Daddy. He was shopping at Sears. I got two of the trilogy of the Montana Creed Boys. They didn't have Tyler, but I said never to worry, I will pick it up at the other Barnes and Noble, at the Coralridge Mall, next time I'm there. The Richard Castle Book is the one they talk about on the "Castle" TV show. Do you ever watch the Castle TV show?  Anyway, I watch it every Monday night. (I think it is Monday night, anyway.) And the other one is an Anne Perry book about the "alluring world of Victorian crime and intrigue."   And of course my Magnetic page clips.


  1. What if you don't like those book? And you know I could have sent you mine, when I'm done with them.

  2. I guess this is the only place I can comment on the buses That was interesting, from the back they look like the bus I drive, But I don't my bus has a nose!!

    See, tell Daddy now you can look at buses and barns and haircuts and paint jobs.. LOL

    Gotta go I love you all.

  3. It cost more to send them in the mail, then for me just to buy my own.
    I will enjoy them. I have never read her books, but, I researched them on the internet, to get an idea what they are about. Thanks anyway.