Thursday, May 13, 2010

"My Day In A Nutshell"

This morning I had my yearly Eye Appointment at 9:15 CST. Of course my eye doctor just lives across the street. Remember our first Apartment, Dr. Susan's office was down stairs. Anyway, yesterday my right started to bother me, and last evening it started to feel scratchy, so I took my handy little mirror and started to look at it. Well, the white of the eye was all red.  This morning it was still red and scratchy, so how great was that. Finally, my eyes were acting up when I actually had an appointment.

She said the first thing we are going to do is check your eyes and see what is going on, before we do the examination. As it turns out, she thinks it is allergies causing the problem. She said the left eye looks like it is starting to be affected also. Therefore, she decided, we would not do the examination today, but in two weeks. In the meantime, she prescribed some eyedrops for me to use in them for the two weeks,  I hope they work, a tiny little bottle cost $22.00. She  also wants  me to take  benadryl  to ward off an infection in my sinus'.

I went to the pharmacy and talked to the owner and told him I was price shopping. And since I would like to keep my business local, if he could match or do better than Wal-Marts prices, I would be getting my prescriptions filled at his pharmacy. I had written down my meds and the prices that Wal-mart was charging me, He sit down figured up what he would charge me and his prices were better than Wal-Marts, so I told him I will be buying them from him from now on. He said, he appreciates that, and just to bring in the bottle when they need filled and he will call Wal-mart and take care of everything.

We went to Arby's for lunch, and since we were at the Tanger Mall, I went to Laine Bryant and found two jackets to wear with the skirts you send me. Nothing in purple, I guess purple isn't in this year. One was white, and the other one is black.  Daddy then dropped me off at BonWorth's and I found a matching shell and sweater in ivory. I figure if it doesn't blend with the skirts you send, I can wear it with the black skirt. 

Home and now I am relaxing, until meeting tonight.

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  1. I hope your eyes get better, and that benadryl works, I'm not sure if I like my new format or not I may keep it for awhile.

    I don't eat alot of protein today so far I haven't had any, imagine that.. I had cereal for breakfast, veggie pizza for lunch, and a veggie sub from subway, came home and had a weight watchers ice cream so far I have had 15 points I have five left. I will find something later to munch on..

    I would like to see more from JH if you want to share them with me;)