Monday, May 10, 2010


I decided to close my blog to the public. I spent the day cleaning up my blogs. I got rid of all the followers thingy on each blog, and removed myself from being a follower of other peoples blogs. What is the big deal about having the follower thingy anyway? Most people visit your blog one time punch the follower thingy and never visit your blog again. Or if they do visit you have to visit them first and leave a comment. It doesn't make a bit of sense to me.

Anyway this is "My Reading Corner." It is where I like to write about what I am reading and leave a little review for myself as to whether I liked the book or not.  And that kind of tells me if I want to read that author ever again. Some authors I read a second time just to make sure the first book I read of theirs was just a dud, and maybe the next book will be a fun read. If I read two by the same author and they were both duds, I never read anything by that author again.

I also like having this private, because now I can write about whatever I feel like. I can rant and rave or just have fun, it's nobody else's business.

I finished reading, "U" is for Undertow" today. It was an OK, Fun read, as her books go. However, where the title came from I don't really understand, there was just one mention of "Undertow," when it was explained how the one woman died. And she just had a small part in the story line. It seems she was swimming in the ocean and didn't realize that she was caught in an Undertow, and she drowned. That was the whole and extent of the reference to the word "Undertow."  I am a bit slow catching onto things, so maybe I missed something.  It just seemed strange to me that the title uses the word "Undertow" and that is the only time it was used. I guess it gets more difficult with each book to come up with a title using the next letter of the Alphabet in a mystery book and use it in the story line somehow.  Her next book will be "V" is for ?" It probably won't be published until 2011 or 2012. If I'm still around I will probably read it, when the Library gets it stocked on their shelves.

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