Monday, May 17, 2010

"Musing Monday"

What happens when you see a movie based on a book/story, especially one you’ve not read? Do you feel the need to track it down and read it?
 If I watch a movie and find out later  there is a book  based on the movie, and the movie was interesting, I will usually  track down the book and read it.  However, if I know ahead of time that a book is being made into a movie, I read the book before I watch the movie. Even if that means I have to buy the DVD and have it laying around for a period of time until I read the book.

I find the books are always better then the movies. Another reason for my reading the book first is I can follow the movie, and understand what is going on so much better. Sometimes a movie moves along much faster than the book. So if I have a choice, I read the  book first.

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  1. I'm like you the book is always better, I try to read the book before a movie comes out but don't always get it done.

    I feel really bad today I have to get better soon.