Monday, May 24, 2010

"Monday's Finds..."

After my Dentist appointment, (Review Below) Tony needed to go to Cedar Rapids, yet again today. He knows if he takes me, there has to be a bookstore nearby for me to meander around in. Today, I went to one of my favorite stores again, the Half-priced Bookstore. I found these books of some of my favorite authors. As you can see I found three books for a dollar, $1.00 four for two dollars, $2.00  and an audio book for  $5.95. After you introduced me to Linda Lael Miller's books, (I am enjoying The Logan Creed book) I found 2 of her books there and the audio book is her's. 
On the way home,  Tony had to make a stop at Wal-mart, so I went in and found the Tyler Creed book in there for $5.95. That is less expensive then Barnes and Noble, so I snatched it up too. So now I have the trilogy also. I have about half of Logan read, will probably finish it in the next day or two. Tonight I will be watching "Dancing With The Stars" it ends tomorrow night, when we will see who the big winner will be this year. I know, you don't watch it, but I do, so suffer through my talking about it.. hee, hee, hee.


  1. I have my book half read too except it will take me another week until I get it finished. I'm glad you found all those buys, you and Shirley are just quit the shoppers.. LOL (I crack myself up)

    I have to go and read now.

  2. THAT IS NOT FUNNY!!!! LOL... Daddy is the one always looking for bargains. Today he went to Menard's. He bought a water softener a couple of weeks ago, today it was on sale, so they gave him back $109. dollars. He was a happy camper when he came back to the pick-up. I set and read while he shops.