Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Hannah's List--Review"

This was an easy read that tackled the issues of love, loss, and rebuilding life in a very straightforward manner.  The women in the novel seemed to be more fully realized than I found the character of Michael.  Grief  may have stricken the joy from his life and the character from his personality, and that could be why he was so blah all the time, but I enjoyed the stories of Leanne, Winter and Macy. All of the women have past entanglements that are preventing them from moving on fully to new relationships, and they were frustrating in the fact that they immediately ran off to tell their exes that there was a new man in their life.  I’m not exactly sure what they thought would be accomplished by that strategy, but there you go.
Macomber covers a wide variety of issues from coping with the loss of a spouse, our expectations of the grieving process of others, and the detrimental effects of the lack of trust and communication within a relationship.  She often makes wise observations through the characters about their own and others’ behavior, and while most times I wished for more depth to the story and for Michael to be more of a dynamic character, this just isn’t that type of book.  I  read Hannah’s List in about five days and found the book to be entertaining and light.  This is a comfort read, and there are no surprises.  If you are looking for something deeper – move right along, but if you sometimes have a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to books, like me,  you might want to consider this for a treat.
Found this review somewhere, but, it's my views also... hee, hee.

I have chosen as my choice to read next, something a little different than Debbie Macomber. I think I need a crazy Janet Evanovich read. So I've decided to try reading Metro Girl. 

In this novel, Metro Girl, Janet Evanovich leads the reader on a madcap adventure through Miami, the Florida Keys, and even into Cuba. Murder, mayhem, sunken treasure, and high stakes are all part of this fast-paced and zany escapade. Plot twists and turns abound as you follow the misadventures of her characters in this smart, witty, and funny caper.

I can tell it is not going to be a sweet tooth read, but, I'm sure it will be fun.

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