Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'The First 2 Weight-Loss Strategies"

Nutrition and Weight Control Special Report

7 Easy and Effective Weight-Loss Strategies

Dieting is a way of life for many people: Surveys consistently show that a large percentage of Americans are always on the lookout for new ways to lose and control their weight. Here is some sound weight-loss advice, courtesy of the latest crop of nutrition studies.
Weight Loss Strategy 1 -- Pack in the Protein
Studies show that protein keeps you full longer than carbohydrates. In one recent study of 30 overweight women, researchers compared two breakfasts with the same number of calories. One was an egg-based breakfast consisting of two scrambled eggs, two slices of toast, and 1 Tbsp of reduced-calorie fruit spread. The other, a bagel-based breakfast, consisted of a bagel, 2 Tbsp of cream cheese, and 3 oz of nonfat yogurt.
Participants who ate the protein-rich egg breakfast felt fuller, and they ate less food over the next 24-36 hours. It also takes more energy to metabolize protein than carbohydrates, so you burn more calories after eating it.

Weight Loss Strategy 2 -- Get a Full Night’s Sleep
A lack of sleep appears to have a direct effect on hunger and appetite. A recent study of 12 healthy, lean young men found that when the men slept for only four hours a night they produced less of the hormone leptin in the morning than when they slept for 10 hours. (Leptin helps you feel full.) The men also secreted more ghrelin when they didn’t get enough sleep. (Ghrelin stimulates appetite.) The potential result: A heavier body weight.

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