Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Reading Corner is closed to everyone but me and you and Jill, but, I don't think she ever comes here. So it's just me and you....


  1. You might be surprised!!! I think we have a closet viewer..LOL

    By the way I have read my book so far it is good (Montana Creed: Logan) It is fluffy right now and informative, so you get to learn the family.

    Well I must close for now,
    I love you both,

  2. The one thing about reading if the book is good I can't put them down until I have read it all... Nothing else gets done..

  3. I know, but, I try to do the laundry so we have clean clothes. LOL.

  4. ROFL that's funny, I can keep laundry and dishes done I can't keep vacuuming done. ;(

    I only have my cleaning lady two more times and then she is done for summer I can't pay for that when I'm not driving bus. Plus I will have more time and a helper.

    Well I have to eat my breakfast and get ready for work, I love you