Friday, April 16, 2010

"Listening to Books On Tape"

I don't often listen to books on Tape or CDs, but this week I was in a funk mood and didn't feel like doing much of anything much less read.  However, I have about a dozen books on tape or CD available to listen to.  I pick them up at yard sales, library sales, used bookstores, anywhere they are CHEAP. I think they are much to expensive otherwise. 

I don't remember where I found this one by Sidney Sheldon, The Best Laid Plans. Anywho, Wednesday evening nothing of interest to me was on TV, therefore, I decided to start listening to one of my taped books.  I'm not sure if I will like this book or not, I have only listened to an hour of it. I have eight more hours to go. I'm really not to familiar with Sidney Sheldon's writings. Actually, I don't think I have ever read anything he has written, although, I know he was a very famous author. 

All I know about this story is what it says on the back cover: "The Best Laid Plans takes listeners inside two of America's most powerful and ruthless institutions: the world of politics with its scandals, corruption, and cover-ups; and that of newspaper publishing, where it is not unusual to use the power of the press to destroy lives-or bring down heads of state--in pursuit of a story or to settle a score."

The copyright is 1997, so it is an older book, but as always;  No matter how old the book, if you haven't read it, it's new to you.

It was different listening to a book, but, I think with his books it is a definite plus, for me because it was a rather long book, and a bit wordy, so listening to it I didn't mind the wordiness so much, but to me very boring when reading a wordy book. I did enjoy listening to it. I guess I would give it 3*** it was OK.


  1. I hope you enjoy the rest of this audio book. I haven't read any of his books, either.

    Have a terrific weekend.

  2. Well you can lie back and just relax. No stiff arms or back and two hands to eat and drink with!