Saturday, March 13, 2010

"I Like and I Don't Like..."


Suko at "Suko's Notebook" recently had a meme that requires a list of things that I Like and I Don't Like. Suko's blog is about thoughts on Books, Reading, & Writing.  Therefore, I will keep my Likes and Dislikes focused on books.

 The basic rules: fill in the blanks after each  BOLD word and tag three friends. I tend to break rules, so I will not be tagging anyone. I prefer doing this for my own entertainment. But, if anyone wants to play along, feel free to join in the fun. So now here are my, I Like and I Don't Like list...

I LIKE... reading in a nice quiet peaceful place, like libraries, and bookstores, and my Lazyboy Recliner.

I LIKE... bookmarks, and especially like bookmarking the page where I left off. I even like to put a little sticky tab where I left off reading, so if my bookmark falls out of the book, I can still find where I left off reading.

I LIKE... carrying a book with me wherever I go. Then if I am left alone in a car, waiting room, or shopping, I can pull out my little book and read, read, read.

I DON'T LIKE...  being interrupted when I am reading a really good book. 

I DON'T LIKE... reading a book a third of the way through and it is boring, nothing is happening, the story is just really slow and boring. I have found when I hung in there and read the books all the way through they never got better. Therefore, if after reading a third of a book and it is going nowhere and boring I never finish reading them and usually throw them in the trash. 

I DON'T LIKE... watching the movie based on a book, before reading the book first. If at all possible, I read the book first and then watch the movie. 


  1. You did a great job with this meme! I like your idea of using a sticky tab as a back-up bookmark. Thank you for participating. :)

  2. Hi Ann...I can pretty much say, "Ditto, ditto, ditto, etc."! I've learned, too, that most movies are so different from the book, it really upsets me! Most of the time, I won't watch the movie of a book I really loved! AND, I don't even give a book more than a few pages to capture my interest. Good for you, too, for not wasting time reading something you don't like!

  3. I am pretty much the same way with reading Ann. I do like the sticky note for a bookmark. I will steal that idea from you. I don't have nearly enough bookmarks for a person that reads all the time.

  4. wow, amazing how I feel exactly the same with you about the likes and don't likes!!! Except that I never was able to throw a book away once I started even though the book bored me to death and I hated reading it...

    I don't know why, it's just some sickness about me that I always finished a book that I opened...
    It made me feel very bad if I didn't read the book till the last page. I did feel I was being tortured when I was reading a bad book. But the thought of throwing it away and not to finish made me feel so terrible and sick to my stomach that I had no choice but to finish it...

    I always feel very clam, relieved and relaxed once I finish reading a book (not when I am reading it)

    The reason I read is because I like the feeling of having finished reading a book... and sometimes, pursuing the utlimate good feeling requires boredom, discomfort and god knows what else when the book is bad... I'm wierd, I realize...

  5. Fun post! I just finished An Irish Country Girl and it is probably one of the few that starts out slowly and bored me to tears but then it took off and I really liked it. Weird! That's not usually the case. Have a good weekend even though you have snow every where.