Wednesday, February 3, 2010

W.W.W. Wednesdays

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

I am currently reading, Andy Williams Moon River and Me. It's amazing what  celebrities tell about their lives for the whole world to know.  But, all in all it is interesting to read how the other half live.

I just recently finished reading Catherine Coulter's Lyon's Gate. I was a little disappointed in this book. Even though it had it's good parts,  it just was not an attention holder for me. I more or less made myself finish reading it, once I started reading the book. Would I read it again? NEVER.

I think I will be reading Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey next.  I want to read it, because, Masterpiece Classics will be featuring their version of it on TV, if I'm not mistaken, on Sunday,  February 14, 2010. Also, it is the only Jane Austen book I haven't read yet.  I always like to read the books before I watch the movies, I fine the movies much more interesting that way.  Whereas, other people prefer watching the movies first. To each his own, I say.


  1. 1. Just picked up The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. Brit Girl Sarah recommended it.

    2.I've just finished The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Got mixed feelings about this book as it had no real answer to the events, you are left to decide for yourself. Enjoyed reading it but I like a definite ending, it's as though the writer either had no idea how to resolve it.

    3. I'm just about to start reading another Anne Perry series of Victorian crime novels. I love these because I've learned more about Victorian history from her books than I ever did at school. Put them on the history curriculum!

  2. Your current read seems interesting. Moonriver is my most favorite song and it will be a nice additional sentiment to know the background of this song.

    I had the same feeling with Her Fearful Symmetry, because it was kind of boring at first, but there's just something that i can't quite point out that made me go through it. i love the twist though.

    same here, i would prefer to read the book before watching the movie since it can be quite frustrating when you've seen the movie and when you read the book, all that plays in your mind was the movie. and the disparity of the book and the movie is way too high (Harry potter for example). what I like to read is mansfield park since i saw the movie first and it was good. i would assume that the book is way better. btw, i am a jane austen fan. good day!

  3. ...^^<...

    Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed your comment. I like mysteries, but, not with too many twists and turns. I view all those twists and turns unnecessary filler, but, I'm sure I'm wrong. I just get bored and quit reading the book, if it has more twists and turns than I can stand. I like things to move along at a pretty fast pace.

    These tell-all books sometimes changes my opinion of someone who was always a favorite of mine. I guess I lived a to sheltered life. You would think that their brain would kick in and say, "No! I won't do that!" Or, "No! I'm not going to go there."
    I guess when you have more money than brains, your brain quit working properly. hehe

  4. Hmmm. The Lyon's gate got poor review on

    I don't think I will want to read this one either.