Friday, February 26, 2010

"Comfort Food Reading"

It has been so cold these past few weeks, and I haven't been feeling 100%, so  I decided I needed some comfort food reading. Debbie Macomber is just what I need to help me through this snowy, cold weather. I can curl up in my easy chair, get comfortable and read the next few days away.

When I need comfort food reading, I always seen to pull Debbie down off the shelf.  If I want a little mystery, comedy, and excitement in my life, I reach for a Janet Evanovich novel. If I want  to go back in time I always reach for a Jane Austen book. So many books to choose from, I never know quite where to start.

Back to "My Reading Corner" and my 'comfort food reading.' What will you be your 'comfort food reading' this week-end?

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  1. Even though the weater has been warm and sunny here in Los Angeles, I am also reading Debby Mcomber's book, "Angeles Everywhere". Just finished one of the 2 stories in this book. When I'm done with the other, I will give it away to my blog's folloers...Can't wait, I bought this book in 2006 Christmas at the grocery store... and I finally get to read it, even though it's not Chrismtas 2006 anymore...