Sunday, January 24, 2010

"A New Emma..."

A new "Emma" will be on Masterpiece Classic tonight. What is you favorite Jane Austen adaptation? Do you like  Gwyenth Paltrow's  "Emma" when she has her  little tete-a-tetes  with Mr. Knightley?

There are scores of Austen adaptations, and tonight, we get another one: Masterpiece Classic is offering what looks like an excellent version of "Emma."

This new one stars Ramola Garai in the title role, and Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightey. Michael Gambon plays Emma's father.

I am looking forward to watching this new version, but, I will be recording it, since I have other plans for tonight. (Pizza and Karaoke Party) I will be watching it later.

But I ask you: What's your favorite movie or TV version of a Jane Austen Book?

P.S. Monday, January 25. I just finished watching the first of the three part "Emma." It is a refreshing change.  I  really enjoyed it. The next two parts to follow will be one hour each week. Even though I have read the book and watched a few other versions of the movie, I always enjoy watching them. 


  1. This version of Emma is a BBC Co-production, I think. I saw it a few weeks ago when it went out on the Beeb in England. I was very taken by Miss Garai. I rather think that she is another up and coming actress and we will see, and haer, a lot more from her in the future. If you haven't watched this yet, enjoy, I think it is a treat!

  2. We've just taped this on the pvr, so will probably start watching it tonight. I've loved Romola Garai ever since I saw her in "Daniel Deronda". (If you've never seen that BBC production, you must!)
    I wasn't a big fan of Gwyneth putting on English accents; I kept wondering why they weren't hiring English actors for the roles.
    She has grown on me over the years. She played Sylvia Plath in an bio-pic and I loved it.

    I like the new look here too, Ann. You have been busy!