Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"4 in 1...."

The Reader's Digest Condensed Books are a key part of my home library. Many unique authors and interesting locales have been introduced to me through this longtime book series, and the four selections in this volume has just taken it's place on my bookshelve.  I found this book at our Second Time Around The Block Store here in our little town.

It made me think about the purpose of a personal library.  Is it to show off all the books we've read? Something that looks nice in our living room? Why do we keep so many books around anyway? I realized for me it's the pure pleasure of being reminded of all the places I've gone and people I've met via books---much like a photo album, but book spines are displayed instead of pictures. I run my fingers across my bookshelves and am transported to other times and places. And seeing the names of my favorite authors and best-loved books always makes me smile.

A library is a rich, vital, and personal thing. It is easy to see why people are eager to share their own personal book collections with others.

For the next few weeks I will be reading these four books. I am being introduced to two new authors, Elin Hilderbrand and Karen E. Olson. This is one of the reasons I love Reader's Digest Books, I meet many new authors I would never have known otherwise.

Happy Reading to me and you, now that Winter has arrived.... What book will you be reading in the weeks to come?


  1. Great post Ann! Bob and I have a huge collection of books and have considered buying one of the electronic readers like the Kindle, but I am just not ready. I love the look and feel of books piled up all over the house. Someday I may wander around and take photos of our piles. We have no room left on the bookshelves and that is why we consider the Kindle.
    I used to read Readers Digest and so did my Mom. I wonder if they still sell those? I noticed you said you got this one from a resale shop. I don't really see them, but don't search them out either.

  2. I'm glad someone else understands the need for books that are just for enjoyment. My husband can't understand why I cling to my favorite books. They are my old friends.

  3. Brenda,

    Yes they still have the Reader's Digest Condensed Books. I am no longer a member, I watch for them at yard sales and second hand stores. They are a lot cheaper. Fifty cents to $2.00 is a lot cheaper than $20.00 and up. I don't know what members pay for each book anymore. I remember when I was a member each book was $6 or $7 dollars. I think I got 4 a year, but that was way back in the 60s and 70s.

  4. Mrs. Cutout ~ My husband just gave up and gave in. Now if he wants to go to town, and I don't want to go, he says he will leave me at a bookstore while he shops. It works everytime. haha

  5. Great post! I don't really know why I keep so many books around...lol. Partly because after I read them, I dont want to get rid of them. They are like old friends and carry good memories.

  6. Merry Christmas Anne. Great post.. My Late Hubby used to read a lot of digest books. I just sent them all to St Vinnies Op shop so someone else can get the pleasure of reading them..im a bit of a Di. Morresey fan. all her books are historical a little romance in some.based in outback Austalia. Ive just bought her latest book its called "The silent country". A secret buried in the silent outbackis uncovered 50 years later by a young woman .. her life is forever changed..

  7. Ann, I'm reading a book I've had for a long time but never read about Queen Victoria and family after Prince Albert died. It's really interesting as historical fiction, but not boring at all.

    I'll lone it to you after I'm done, I think you'll like it.

  8. Thanks Kathy, Sarah Katie was telling me about it yesterday, while we were working on our 'friendship'. ; ) It sounds like something I would enjoy reading.