Friday, November 6, 2009

"Week-end & Autumn Blue"

The fictional setting for Autumn Blue is the amusingly and oddly named town of Ham Bone, Washington. But is it really that odd? A search for offbeat place-names in the United States indicates that it's not so peculiar, after all.

Pull out your atlas, and in Michigan, you are sure to end up in Hell. Lawyersville, you'll discover, is not another name for Washington, DC, but thrives in New York State. Other zany favorites include Ding Dong, in Bell County, Texas; Eek, Arkansas; and Mousetown, Maryland.

Foodies tempted by Ham Bone will find a full plate in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky; Toast, North Carolina; or Lick Skillet, Virginia.

It's Friday with the week-end not far behind. I think I will take a few days away from my crocheting and read an entertaining book. Maybe, a short easy fun read. I know I don't feel like thinking to deeply while I read this week-end. But what to read? I think I will read a book by a new author I've never read before. I have a book by Karen Harter "Autumn Blue." and since I have never read anything Karen Harter has written I will try reading this book this week-end.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I finished reading Autumn Blue today and I have to say I enjoyed it. It was a nice quiet week-end read, just what I needed. It was centered around a family, a single mother I should say with three children who needs help. The oldest child is a 15 year old troubled boy. As the story unfolds the retired neighbor man is brought into the story to help, even though he would just as soon be left alone. Actually, it is a warm engaging family drama.


  1. That does sound relaxing Ann. Love a good book and plenty of time to read it. Think I will do the same this weekend.

  2. Well that sounds good to me also, guess this means a trip to the library. Have a nice Sunday.