Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, while meandering through Menard's I stopped to check the DVDs. I was surprised to see the old BBC movie Persuasion. It was made in 1995, and to me that was a wonderful fine. Actually, I didn't know they had made the book into a movie. Well, being a Jane Austen fan, that DVD went home with me.

Since I always like to read a book before I view the movie it is based on, this put me in the mood to read the book. So last evening I pulled the book, Persuasion off the old book shelf and started reading it. As always, when I start reading a Jane Austen book, I don't want to quit reading, I have trouble putting it down and doing the necessary things around the house, so I have to be very self-disciplined with myself.

I understand that this was the last full novel she wrote before she died.

The last years of Jane's life were relatively quiet and comfortable. Her final, unfinished work, Sandition, was put aside in the spring of 1817, when her health sharply declined and she was taken to Winchester for medical treatment of what appears to have been Addison's disease or a form of lymphoma. Jane Austen died on July 18, 1817, and is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

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  1. This is a great adaptation of "Persuasion", Ann. You have found a gem.
    Ciaran Hinds, the actor who plays the dashing Captain is one of my favourites. He was in one of the early Sherlock Holmes episodes and one of the Prime Suspect series with Helen Mirren.
    These days he seems to be cast as the Russian villain for some reason. Oh well!