Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Two Lovely and Sweet Awards"

"My Reading Corner" has just received two blog awards from Mary Anne Gruen, at Starlight Blog .

Mary Anne Gruen is a writer from New York, NY. On her blog she writes about many different subjects. Book reviews, her pets, Wolf, the dog, and her cat, William, with a bit of jewelry talk thrown in. She might even talk a little bit about gardening. And her photographs are just lovely.

I am passing this "Sweet" award to all my "Sweet" followers, who are "The Icing on the Cake" to me. If you are a follower please, please, accept this award and display it proudly. I appreciate each of you. I love to read your comments and I appreciate your support. I am passing this one on to ALL my followers.

Since I realize no one accepts awards unless they see their blog name... Look in the followers list, if you are there, the award belongs to you. Please consider yourself a recipient of this sweet award. I really am suppose to go through all the followers and list them below, but I am tired and have a cold and don't really feel like it right now, so please be kind to this old Gramma and help yourself to some of the cake.

Thank you Mary Anne for this "One Lovely Blog Award." That was so kind and thoughtful of you.

Like the "Icing on the Cake Award" I would like to pass this award on to all my Reading Blogger Followers. If you are in the Followers List on the sidebar, please accept this award.

Sweet Bloggy Hugs to you all. Happy Reading..... and enjoy the cake. You might want to pour a cup of tea to go with the cake.


  1. You are so welcome! Thank you for all your support too!

    Now, you go get yourself some rest and feel better

  2. Oh no...this award is making me hungry! I love cupcakes and icing! I will take the award just to look at it. Maybe by looking at it, I will think I have already eaten a cupcake....and save some calories... He He...