Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Little Lady Agency and The Prince"

My goodness here it is August 1st already. Time to decide my "Book of the Month." I think I will make my choice of "Book of the Month....."Little Lady Agency and The Prince." This is the third book in the series, and I believe the last. So, why not finish reading the series and then move on to something else next month.

From all the reviews I've read this book in the series is to be a bit better than the second one, the one I just read in July. It sounds like it will be "Deliciously witty," and a fun read.

The back cover says, and this is all I know about the book, so I will quote: "Making plans for her wedding to American fiance' Jonathan Riley, who now runs a prestigious Parisian real estate company, Melissa agrees to do a favor for her beloved grandmother: transform the notorious Prince Nicolas von Helsing-Alexandros into a proper gentleman for the sake of preserving a family inheritance. Even possessive Jonathan agrees it's a great opportunity to make social connections, and Melissa gets swept up in a whirl of late-night dinners, polo matches, and a Mediterranean cruise. But taming Prince Nicky, who is as charming as he is exasperating, suddenly has bride-to-be Melissa dreaming of a fairy-tale ending--and not the one she expected!"

So I think I will enjoy reading this book in my relaxing, recreational time this month. I notice it takes me about a month to get one of Hester Browne's books read, because they are the same as reading two or three other books. It has 391 pages and I read between 20-90 pages on the days that I read. I do have other more serious reading I do each day. On this blog I only talk about my recreational reading.

So, off to "My Reading Corner" I will go and start my new book of the month....

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  1. I'll have to look for this at the library. Have a look-see anyway...=)