Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"July's Book Of The Month......"

I have already read Hester Browne's debut novel "The Little Lady Agency" and enjoyed it. So off to the bookstore I went last winter and bought two sequels. So my Book choice for the month of July is...the second book in the sequel, "Little Lady, Big Apple."

For those of you who aren't familiar with "The Little Lady Agency" books, they are about a efficient secretary Melissa who set up her own etiquette and grooming agency.  She isn't confident enough to run it herself, so she dons a blond wig and becomes Honey, a no-nonsense bombshell who helps clueless bachelors shop and entertain. A confident Mary Poppins in silk stockings, she even attends parties if a client needs a "date." Therein, some funny moments occur....

The first book in the sequel was a classic comedy of manners with a funny comedy of errors.

I am hoping the sequels will be as light-hearted and full of funny moments as the  first one was.

Off to "My Reading Corner" to start reading my Book Choice of the Month. "Little Lady, Big Apple."

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  1. Oh, you're back up here. Cool.

    I got a bit freaked out at your book title because Kevin and I just watched the movie, "A Big Hand For the Little Lady" and at first glance that's what I thought this was. That would have been just TOO freaky!