Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I'M BACK......"

My "Reading Corner"  I'M BACK!

 I decided to delete you  on June 7,  when I made my new blog "Butterflies and Candles"  I noticed a week ago,  (unbeknown to me until then)    I could have you back if I wanted you. Therefore, I welcome you back...but I think I will probably keep my posting to one or two times a month this time.  I'll see. I'm also thinking about keeping you private.  After all you are not a very interesting blog...Come to think of it, none of my blogs are very interesting, not like everyone elses. Oh well, you are just for my entertainment as is all my blogs...Anyone who cares to read and be bored along with me. WELCOME!

Today, I decided I needed some comfortable and cozy reading, so I am going to read a Debbie Macomber book entitled: "Same Time, Next Year."
It sounds like a nice fun week-end book to read and if I don't finish it this week-end, I always have evenings and next week-end. 

What a hoe-down this town is having next week-end  (July 2-5).   It is the 150 year celebration of this town. It has been around 150 years. I think I will spent my time on the porch  those four days and stay out of the way of the comings and goings, and just enjoy reading my book. 

I will close the "Reading Corner"  for now and get to my book.  Happy Reading...


  1. Well now, I bed to differ with you, Ann! Your blogs are as interesting as anyone elses! Happy reading.


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  3. That was suppossed to say "I beg to differ with you." Sheesh, blogger is misspelling my words! Haha.

  4. Hi Ann, I find your blog very interesting, its as good if not better than some other blogs...

  5. You must be in a blog slump. We all have them. Many times I feel like backing off from blogging, but I find some more energy for it. I think you enjoy it as much as me. I think blogging is good for hope you stick with it.

  6. Keep up the blog! I enjoy finding out about different authors from you. Our library has finally had its renovation completed. It has been closed for over a year. So I'll be back up there looking up some of your authors.